hey, i'm looking to get a new guitar in a little while. i play mostly metal when im playing electric. sabbath, ozzy, pantera, megadeth, metallica.etc kind of thing. i'm pretty sure im getting a peavey valve king 212 in about a month too. and playing with a digitech DF7 distortion factory. might buy new pedals sometime soon as well, i'll see. i've been playing with a mexican fender strat for about 2 and a half years now so it's time for a change, though i'll keep the strat too.

anyway, to the point, what's the best ibanez for metal? with a price range of around 500-700$. just some suggestions to try out or put in the old noggin will help. and feel free to suggest other companies too. just felt like going ibanez for some reason. thanks for any help.
wow those razorbacks have metal flare. haha, not sure if i'd want to go for somehting so visually hardcore. not sure if i mentioned but it is canadian dollars, though i have 'connections' so i can get things for price at some large store that will go unnamed. so you can sometimes nock off a good hundred or two hundredish bucks form prices. im not all metal btw, i go for lighter stuff like hendrix, pink floyd, zeppelin, grungy nirvana, GnR, and velvet revolver, which i guess is light metal. of course i have my strat still for hendrix-esq so i just want to be abe to cover the metal sound too and try to cover sounds between if you knwo what i mean. so mainly metal for this guitar i suppsoe is what im saying, but it doesn thave to be all-out hardcore metal suggestions.
and i probably typed more than i needed to, but oh well.
Ibanez S470 or Washburn X50PRO? The S470 has a ZR trem which is pretty neat, and HSH which is pretty versatile. The Washburn has SD '59 and CustomCustom ALSO Coiltapping so it's a very versatile beast.
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I like esp.

maybe kirk hammet signiture

where the hell do you get those for 700$?
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I like esp.

maybe kirk hammet signiture

No, no, no! Those are about some of the most overpriced guitars known to man, along with most signature guitars. It's a money-making scheme, people, get it.

Ibanez S470 if you want a trem, or an SZ if you don't.
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id go with a ibanez add 120 if u want a guitar with no tremlo or a ibanez rg370dxgp2 if y want 1 with the tremelo the add is 300 brand new but it rips and the rg is 450
hold on i dont know if u guys have any of those yet they just came in stock 2 the guitar store i go 2 yesterday
any specific difference between the S, SZ, and RG models worth noting? how do they classify them, since there doesnt really seem to be any defining difference in body shapes?
You should check out Schecter. (hint, hint, the Hellraiser.)
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I'd say, save up a little bit and go for a Dean Razorback.

Soooooo worth the money!

Not worth it at all. They're just overpriced cause Dimebag used them.

Go with an Ibanez RG1570 or S470 and change the pickups and you have a kickass guitar.
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