I just bought a new bass and want to paint the body in the style of hendrix's flying V. So I was wondering if it was possible to paint directly on top of the paint that was already on the guitar. I know it would probably be better to sand, repaint the whole thing but it already has the black background and that would just mean more work. Also how would I go about doing this, i need to know things like type of paint and if i laquer over after i'm done painting. I know Jimi used nail polish but that was in the 60's we have to have something better now.

If you don't know the guitar http://www.gibsoncustom.com/inspiredby/JimiHendrixV.html
Yeah, you can paint on the top of the paint. Hendrix used nailpolish. It will peel off easy though.
We have acrylic paint and small brushes. But acrylic tends to chip off, so you might want to scuff the surface of the guitar with some fine sandpaper, and then clearcoat over the acrylic.
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