i have super GAS going on, and this is my "throwaway" guitar, so here it is.

Jackson DXMGT. Like new, less than 5 hours playtime. I dont really use it, so it's basically like new. Ruby red flametop. MADE IN JAPAN!!! EMG-HZ pickups, string thru body, binding and sharkfin inlay. discontinued model, so you'll have a hard time finding it elsewhere.

there it is. you get the gig bag + new strings + the cable, for shits and giggles.

Seriously, I'll take nearly anything + or - some cash.

If you just have cash, $350 shipped (+3% w/ paypal)
all i want is the guitar, i dont want the bag, string, or cables or anything. just the guitar

what were you thinking, like how much cash do u want extra?
well all the extra stuff i throw in for free, $350 gets you the guitar.

well that guitar you posted goes for $250 new...so i was thinking since i'm offering it for $350 and your guitar is used...guitar + $200 cash.
this is my offer, my guitar,plus 100$. becuz u said guitar plus 200$ and that equals 400$,. urs is goin for 350$ which would be 50$ overpriced. and plus im broke so the only thing i could come close to affording is my guitar pluss 100$ cash. final offer.
rg321 + 2 of the following three pedals:

korg kvp-001 volume pedal
aphex acoustic exciter
electro harmonix ring modulator
within you lay everything
every key
every secret

untouched and in plain sight
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not the actual pic, just so you know what it looks like.
The neck and body are near pristine. Pickups and electronics are fine. The metal finish on the pickup rings is a bit worn and chipped off which I actually kind of like. it fits the look of the guitar. the picture makes them look like black plastic but on mine, they're metal with a similar finish to that of the bridge. let me know if you're really interested and i'll find a way to take some pics. p.s. it's solid mahogany and very heavy. i love the finish.

that is the actual pedal you'd get. everything is like new. I bought it NOS from a retail store and havent really used it. I believe it was made in 95 if that makes a difference to you. 100% functional and as new.

again, not the exact pedal, but you get the idea. mine does not have a box. it's a stereo volume pedal with a slider to adjust the minimum. if not for a couple light scratches, she'd be good as new. they've stopped making these and info is pretty hard to find.
also, in lieu of either the two pedals or the RG321, I can give you a Yamaha DGX-200 keyboard with adapter, stand, beginners guide and manual.

let me know.

new, all the stuff i'm offering, no matter which options you choose add up to about $500. Oh, and the rg comes with a nicer fender gig bag.
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hm.... unlikely. I would however probably be able to work something out for one pedal + the RG + cash. let me know what you're thinking
I may be interested.. $350 for it all.

Send me a pm.
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