I want to buy new pickups for my mexican fender strat and i dont know what to get.
I mostly play Wolfmother, Led zepplin, arctic monkeys, Jimi hendrix, jet, and others.

I dont want to spend more than 180 euro (about to 230 usd)
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dimarzio velvet? or the fs-1 stuff(something like that don't know the right letters
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If you could tell me some brands and models it qould be really helpfull.
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Seymour Duncan I would recommend, the ones I have on my les paul are awesome although are made more for sort of Heavy Metal sounds, but seymour duncan also make some amazing pickups for single coils, go to their web-site and they have a wizard to help you choose between the hundreds of pick-ups


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Fender Hot Noiseless are my choice.
might be too hot for the bridge.
u might want a humbucker like sound for ur music preference,
so maybe a seymour duncan would wokr also.
i have used the little '59 and it was decent.
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The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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^Those are a little too expensive for his range.

Fender Noiseless would be good.
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