Alrighty then. I'm currently playing lead guitar for a band whose style is best defined as "rock." So far, all my breaks are from the pentatonic (usually minor or blues pent) scales. While this is a great sound, I'm looking for some variety. What would you guys recommend to mix with or use in place of pentatonics for solos?

If it helps, I'm a big fan of Brian May, Slash, Hendrix, older bluesmen (see where the tendency for penatonics comes in?) as well as artists like Joe Satriani.

I'm just looking to add a little spice to my breaks.

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Get familiar with the major scale, its modes, and how they can be applied. I'm sure one of the MT blokes will come along and paste you a nice Doug/SD/insert name here explanation

Woopsie edit: Bloody MT faq... I'm not used to it being here after so long with the lack of it. Anyway, it's all in there man. Have a look. It's stickied.
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Use full diatonic scales. If you're in more of a blues/rock situation, perhaps try the Mixolydian mode. If you're in a heavy rock situation, perhaps try Aeolian or Dorian. If you're playing borderline metal, perhaps the Aeolian and Phrygian modes are for you. Also screw around with harmonic minor.

Obviously, learn where use of these scales is appropriate. That information is contained in the MT FAQ.