I was watching a thing on youtube a couple days were Herman Li was showing some of his stuff, and i noticed that while he was playing, he started fingertapping. he started finger tapping normally but the he started finger tapping with his hand above the guitar instead of from bellow it. It made me curious, because i can not finger tap very fast, from the bellow the guitar like normal. So i picked up my guitar and started finger tapping from the above the neck, and i found it was extremely easier, and more comfortable. Has anyone else here done the same thing and finger tap in that way?
He goes over the top of the neck sometimes for show and also to make the stretch for some of the riffs easier.

Also, I'm pretty sure when he goes over the neck, he isn't tapping. He may of in this certain video you're talking about, I'm not sure, but I know he does it for show and also it helps with the stretch.
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