just a quick question,
does anyone know if the Fallen Angel line of guitar amplifiers are still being made by Ashdown Engineering or have they been discontinued?

im sure someone knows, ive looked everywhere online for specifics but cant find any answers

thanks for any help UGers
what a shame

does noone know?

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They are still out....www.musiciansfriend.com

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Looks like the threadstarter was right, which would explain why you can pick up the Fallen Angels so cheaply at the moment.

Ashdown are re-branding their guitar amps as Hayden, presumably to avoid confusion as they're so well known for bass. Apparently the Peacemaker series will be higher gain than the Fallen Angels - according to the bloke from Ashdown I spoke to today.


Which means they'll want retailers to clear out their stock of Ashdown guitar amps to make room for the new stuff, which means that decent, cheap tube amps are even cheaper...snap them up!
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thanks very much steven seagull, seemed odd how every vendor i came across was dropping prices - that'd explain it!

id like to take this opportunity to say without any sycophancy, how much ive enjoyed reading these forums,

ive learned a hell of a lot about amps and gear in general from guys like you and Dave mc

mucho gracias

fender mexican strat > carol ann tucana 2 > mongotone 2x10