Ok so i play in my schools Ensamble of violins and violas and chelos and im the bassist...with an electric...so i dont fit in that well with everyone...the school has an upright but i dont know how to play it, and im a lazy american and dont wanna...so i was wondering what i would do to make it sound more like an upright...i had a initial thought of putting on flat wounds but i dont know if that will work.
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fretless is the way.... however, I play electric, but within 30 minutes of getting my hands on an upright, I could play master of puppets... I didn;t find the transition that hard, so try the double bass.... I put a plaster as the second fret area on the upright as a referance point, try that.
take out the frets on your bass and then sand it down and walah you have a fretless bass which will sound more jazzy/upright
Umm, use a bow?
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ugh... I wouldn't want to hear an orchestra without an upright bass.
Do you bow an electric? Get off your butt and learn to do it right.
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take out the frets on your bass and then sand it down and walah you have a fretless bass which will sound more jazzy/upright

takes time and skill... you don't want him ruining his fretboard now.... if the threadstarter is competant with removing his frets, go for it, just make sure you have some polyfiller to fill the fret slots with. This also provides you with a referance point for the frets.... however, before the 12th fret (If your bass is perfectly intonated) you'll have to fret slightly before the line, and after the 12th fret, increasingly beyond the line.
yeah, the benefits of an upright bass are so much compared to just the electric.
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Ok, there was an interview with James Genus in Feb 07 Bass Player magazine about getting an upright sound on an electric bass. You may want to get your american butt to an magazine store and check it out.

But...I think I speak for several others here who would love the opportunity to play on a upright, but don't have the cash or the access to one. Learn to PLAY THE DAMN UPRIGHT!! Its an opportunity of a lifetime and you are wasting it... ARGH!
My next Bass purchase will hopefully be an upright. Our schools thinking about getting one, but the band gets like $3 a year from the school. I love the sound of uprights, but I don't like the whole "bow" thing. I think they sound better just plucked. But I like Jazz, and alot of Jazz, or at least all the one's I know locally, play it without a bow. I would assume in classical the resonation of a bow would sound worlds better though. But a walking lines going to be plucked.
I'm so happy , Our school "acquired" a new bass through the purchasing system of the school and only I get to use it. Its this incredibly sexy one with gold tuners, beautiful action and a brand new pickup for icing on the cake. Now I don't have to play on the old crappy one that had to have the pickup paper clipped on and held together by duck tape.
yeah, if the school has an upright, then quit being a lazy american and ruining the view of us and learn to play upright. not to get on a rant, but its people like this that make other people's view of americans so true.

back on topic though. learn standup. they've got some gorgeous sounds.
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