Poll: Do i buy a jem 555, or stick with my rr3?
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View poll results: Do i buy a jem 555, or stick with my rr3?
Buy the jem 555
1 25%
Keep the jackson rr3
3 75%
Voters: 4.
Hey everyone, im Coben, im 17 and have been playing 6 months.

i currently have a jackson rr3 which i bought, (you guessed it) 6 months ago, when i started, and it's been my only guitar ever since. however, the floyd rose (fecking floating bridges) recently popped on it, so i went to get it fixed. in the shop they had an ex demo white jem 555.

now i'm very tempted to buy this guitar but to do that i have to trade in my jackson, what do u reckon?

i know that the jem will be easier to use (and i practice for between 3 and 7 hours a day with some of my mates, depending on whether its a weekend or not) so ease of use is becoming important, as the jackson just doesn't sit well, if u have it on ur knee then the 1st fret of the guitar feels to be about 6 miles away) but ive heard that the trem on the ibanez is just pathetic.

what do u reckon i do? it won't financially cripple me, but is it worth adding 400 (english pounds) of my own money to get it?

thanks for any opinions everyone :d
The Ibanez trems are better than alot of others out there, including the liscenced Floyds on the RR3. But keep your Jackson for now, you can get an RG Prestige for around the same price as the Jem555, which plays better. If you want a Jem, save up for the Jem7v or Bad Horsie. The 555 is the "Jem Jr."