Is there any way to repair a cracked acoustic guitar? The crack is about two inches long, and nothing major, but is there any way to fill it in with anything that won't wreck the guitar/sound?

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Well you could either stick a piece of wood in it, guess one that fills it all in and has a little extra, and then keep polishing it (sanding it) until it looks normal.
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Most cracks are due to low moisture in the air. Fill your bath tub up with cold water and put the guitar in the bathroom for a week or two. This should close the crack. Once the crack has closed then you can think about gluing it. There are several ways to glue it and rather than explain the "best" way I'll tell you the 2 easiest ways. Reach inside the guitar and put a little cyanoacrylate (superglue) over the crack. Use the cheapest thinnest superglue you can find because the thicker superglues and the gels will not soak into the crack which means that the joint will ultimatly come open again. Also be careful not to use too much glue. If the glue soaks all the way through the crack then you can damage the finish on the outside of the guitar. If you can not get to the crack from the inside of the guitar then use woodglue and dump a bunch of it over the crack. Push on the wood next to the crack so that you open and close the crack repeatedly. This will the the glue work it's way into the crack. Then use a damp rag to wipe off the extra glue.

If the crack needs to be clamped to keep the wood level then use a couple rare earth magnets. If the crack does not close up when you expose it to moisture then you will have to use a large clap the press the wood together. If the crack is still too open then you will have to fill it but if you do fill it, never use a wood filler.
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