All right . so you know how you cant write the "f-word" ?
And it ends up looking like this:
Try typing Alt 129 after the f
And it ends up like this:
And you can semi-curse yourself to happy land!

fück fück fück
Corona Corona
Oh gee, my wildest dreams finally coming true.
"Guitarmen, wake up and pluck wire for sound, let 'em hear you play"
-Charlie Christian
"You have to give people something to dream on"
-Jimi Hendrix
"I try to make any guitar do what I want it to do"
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Why thank you,ericgentz and twistoffate.
So...uh...Twistoffate is a girl right...?
It's hard to tell because I've never physically seen you...{as far as i know}
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Quote by ch715dallat
Necrophagist how could all you n00bs forget the best german metalcore band ever. i think theyre tech metalcore tho or sumfin


Isn't this the noob forum?! Geez.

Okay, I'm retiring for the niht and dont expect me to answer to stuff for at least a week. I might, but im not making promises.

THANK YOU, UG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^ as if at a concert or something

And good night, my faithful followers!!!
^ Totally self-absored, i know
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