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ok fun new game that i just thought of that prolly isnt very fun but what the hell right? Its a little game i like to call "$ per watt", its not even really a game but the question is how much did you pay per watt for your amp? (price of amp divided by # of watts)

i have an 80 watt and i payed $3.75 per watt
and i payed $7.50 per watt for my little marshall ten watt i believe.

we will see what the conclusions are at the end of this.
omg i saw this pic 2 times in the 2 last threads i visited...

anyway for my Cube 30 it was 8,33$ CAD i paid 250 for it, wich is a lil more then 200 US i guess
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I payed this much for my amp:

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I payed $4.99 per watt for my 120 watt Marshall MG 410 stack.
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you don't knwo how to use that picture...

its so annoying.

I payed 5.5 usd per watt
60W Roland Cube 60 for $450 CAD. $7,50 per watt.

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60 $ per watt , not joking,
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this thread blows
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this thread blows

STFU, you think everything sucks. If you don't like the thread, LEAVE. I think you're post should be considered spam.

I payed $11 AUD per watt.
Paid about 5 bucks per watt for my marshall halfstack
But when I got it, a friend n' I saw a bass amp, about 400 watts for 400$. It was insane
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Paid about 5 bucks per watt for my marshall halfstack
But when I got it, a friend n' I saw a bass amp, about 400 watts for 400$. It was insane

Its not that insane. Bassists need a lot more wattage than guitarists. Higher wattage bass amps are cheaper than higher wattage guitar amps. But $400 for a 400 watt amp is still pretty good. Of course, the amp was probably shit...

Oh yeah, i paid a little over $7 USD per watt for my head. Im running it through a bass cab i already had till i can get a better cab. Ill probably full stack it with the bass cab then
I got the crate powerblock for 100$ and thats 150 watt, so that's 66 cents per watt or if you count the speaker it would be 1.33$ either way a good deal.
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i payed $2.54 per watt

or with the 212 $5.13 per watt
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£1.70 ish

well £200 for 120W
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I paid 50p a watt for my 200w.

You people do realise that the $/£ goes before the amount of money, right?

So $100, not 100$.
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$7.33 per watt for a Fender Frontman 15G. Not worth it at all
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$6.66 per watt!!!!

EDIT: With my 2x12 cab, it's more like $8.33/watt. Or $16.66. I never really understood whether a 30 watt head through a 2x12 has a 30 watt output or a 60 watt.
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i payed 12$ american per watt for my valvetronix

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Let's see...
50 Watt amp for about £215
That's 4 pound and little bit a watt.
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