does anyone know where I can order Halo guitars online? I'm specifically looking for thier Invert model. the body is a combination of a les paul and an iceman, with a PRS-like headstock. you can check it out at www.haloguitars.com

but I can't get a reply from the site, nor is any of thier accredited US dealers an online entity. to top that off, there's hardly any available on eBay, if at all!

the guitar reviews I've read on it at harmony central haven't been too bad. the biggest complaint is weak pups, but those are easily replacable.
That's a (Fernandes) Ravelle shape with a different headstock.
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go to the custom shop, they have them there with like 6 options available, and they start at $649.99
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dude, you can order them right off their website.

yeah, the model I want isn't readily available. since then, I've gotten ahold of a dealer. I'm trying to negotiate on price.

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That's a (Fernandes) Ravelle shape with a different headstock.

WOW! the fernandes versions look stunning. too bad the "cheap" version is $800! I could own 2 Inverts and still have a couple hundred in my pocket at that cost! but now you've made me want it....damn you. lol
I've been to the Halo website and one of their dealers is online. It's Marscel Music. com. Good Luck!