No, not me, but someone else. I just got an email from him. This is what it said:


I must say, I am a little put off that Mr.Zhang would give out my phone
number to someone on the internet. Nothing against you, but it's not really
the smartest thing in the world, you know?
My e-mail address is fine, but my phone number... :/

The guitar that I got from him was a Les Paul Custom. His Item number for
it was 115. The guitar arrived well packed and undamaged on christmas
morning. There were some finish flaws; a few thin spots on the top in the
finish, some color bleed in the binding. The frets also needed to be
dressed. The electronics are not very good either. I gig a lot, and in a
performance situation the pickups sqeal at high gain levels. I sort of
expected that, and I had planned on gutting the electronics from day one, so
I wasn't too upset by this. I also replaced the bridge with a roller bridge,
but that's just because I beat the shit out of my guitars when I play and I
have a tendency to break a lot of stongs on guitars with Gibson style
bridges, andf so far, the roller bridge has eliminated this problem. The
guitar plays well ( I set it up myself) and certainly sounds and feels like
a Les Paul. If you plan on purchasing a guitar from Fritra, be ready to have
the frets dressed and to replace the pickups. All in all, the guitar I got
it still worth the money that I paid for it. Oh, and I've been playing for
15 years, and I am a professional, gigging musician. Look here...

http://www.sotatheband.com (thats my band)

http://www.battleofthebands.com/sotatheband (our battle of the bands page)

http://www.myspace.com/lyons (my myspace)

Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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