hey guys,

Just recently got a tone port, without a manual, and im trying to play/record music trough adobe Audition.

Now i can record, i like the sounds its great.

however, to play back what i just played, i have to go trough the "sound" settings in audition, and reset it to my internal sounds card, so i can hear back the sound.

Then to record, i have to go trough all over again to record, Verry annoying.

In Audition i did not find a setting to have a specific INPUT and OUTPUT, seems to be a package deal.

Any info on this would be great, or should i look for a different recording software?

I can't be so sure because I've never used audition before, but check it out here.
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why don't u use ableton live?
it comes with it...
i use it and it has nothing bad...
i recorded some and its in my sig.
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