how do i start playing with fingerstyle? is there any website that teach in-depth fingerstyle picking? i am very unfamilar with fingerstyle so. . .


how do i play it? with the same finger? or like what a bassit do?
how do you do it? You pluck the string that you want with one of your many fingers. It's basicly the simplest thing in the world.

And if you want to be like Mark Knopfler then lock yourself in your room for hours and just pratice. thats how he did it.

you must not that he doesn't use his ring or pinky fingers just because he is wierd. I think that's stupid but that is his way. I had a friend who absolutly wanted to play that way so he taped his ring and pinky to the guitar so they wouldn't come up.

the best way is just practice and mabye go onto youtube and watch a couple of knofler videos