What are your favorite keys, scales, licks, anything that you use in jams? What do you think blues jams are built around or whatever you want to talk about blues guitar related. ex. songs, techiniques, etc. Anything.

Okay, so I am just putting just one guideline down.

Please don't talk about almost anything SRV in this thread, you can talk about the keys he liked or guitar related things about him only, I love him and admire him but I can guarantee that Stagghound will be checking out this forum and he starts bitching about how he thinks SRV is country, that's okay because everyone has an opinion.

I can almost guarantee Stagghound will start bitching now that I said something negative about him.
Good job Stagghound. I am glad this thread is starting out peacefully, I agree. E is a very nice key, I also enjoy G and A. G because I like to use some Albert King licks here and there.
C or E

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