Well, I have just about all the pedals I really need and can fit on my home made board. I have a wah, a pitch shifter, a tuner, and a distortion pedal right now. I can fit one or maybe even two more pedals if they are the compact ones. Anyways, I'm having trouble on deciding which pedal to buy. Right now, these are what I am looking at:


My influences are adam jones, tom morello, daron malakian, james shaffer, and willie adler. I play a lot of harder rock with synth-like sounds sometimes. Thanks.
I think either reverb and delay is always something you should have, especially the reverb. If you play a lot of cleans (I'm not familiar with your influences), a chorus makes it sound nice, and I'm not too fond of phasers/flangers (they basicly do the same thing, right?), but the cleans sound so much sweeter sometimes with a nice phaser, and it can give a fluid-type sound to your distortion.

You should just go with whatever you need the most.
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