Ok im sure 9/10 of you have seen a concert fight or asseult or something in that nature.So any others wanna share what you seen?Oh to start it off,I saw this dude get cracked in the face with this heavy glass sobe bottel at a local free concert.Blood everywhere.
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all the concerts iv been to are metal head friendly, but i did bite a guy on the leg once, (i was drunk and acting on instict though)
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Meh the club shows. Man i saw this dude get hit with a bottle or some glass. He was talking to the bouncer and yelling at him. Like the bouncer did anything. IT was obviously the dude on top of the steps pointing at you before you got hit.

Thats a reason why I barely go to indoor/small club shows. I'll take a chance at the Gojira show im going to see.
okay I have a pretty good story, I think.
So, it was a local punk show, and they tend to get pretty intense. There was a mosh of like 20 people or so, and when one band was done their set, my friend emerged spitting up blood. She told me that some chick had grabbed her and started beating her up in the pit. She pointed out the chick, and she was very very drunk and started telling my friend she loved her.
Later, the same chick broke a guy's nose and he wrote his name in blood on the washroom walls. Then even later the same chick ****ed the guy who put on the show in that same washroom.
That venue won't book shows to punk kids anymore.
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My only experience was seeing someone getting carried out on a stretcher after the RATM concert (their last tour), but I don't know what happened to her.
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someone post that vid of billie joe beating some guy at a concert
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We were playing a gig at a friend's house for a party one time, and being as it was a party, there were the "hardcore kids" there for the music, and the prepish people there for the party. Now I have nothing against preps, the ones around here are pretty cool, but I don't like it when the see people hardcore dancing, or slamdancing, whatever you want to call it, and decide to make fun of them and what-not. So while we were playing, there were some guys dancing, and some preps decided to jokingly imitate them, and end up getting kicked at one point. Of course it wasn't intentional, but of course the guy had to start something, so we had to break up a fight and we were told to stop playing after that.

I don't like it when ignorance ruins a concert for people who are trying to enjoy it.