Maybe the wrong forum but oh well, here goes.

I recently got a harmonica cause I always wanted to learn to play one and it looked rather easy. Well I found out, ITS NOT. Now I need some help. So I turn to my fellow UGer's.

Does anyone know any good harmonica songs or sites that teach you to play one? I tried looking on google and yahoo but didnt find anything usefull. I would really appreciate any help guys. Thanks.
One tip. don't learn tab, and only learn tab. once you know the notes on your particular harmonica, then you are good to go. but otherwise, just apply what you know from guitar to the harmonica.
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Pretty much, how the hell do you play it.

Im a total n00b to these and I can get sounds out of it, but I cant get them to flow together.
ok, well you know that each harp (slang) is in a designated key, right? yes. so, i assume you know to blow and draw, but it takes practise to play single notes. there are two methods, pucker, and tongue-blocking. to pucker, you need to make the smallest possible hole in your mouth, try forming it like you are sucking on a straw, i still have trouble with pucker. tongue-blocking is exactly what it sounds like, but try to curl your tongue, so that all the holes but one are blocked. harmonica is based on a lot of feel, not just emotion. hope what i said makes sense. also, when playing, imo, it sounds better if you swing the notes, but thats just a style preference. focus on that before going on to bends and stuff. it takes practise, it will feel like you are getting nowhere for a bit, but then suddenly you'll have it
Cool. That helps alot. I had learned the tongue block method when I was younger from my grandpa, but my mouth has gotten bigger since then and it wasnt really working now. I made the mistake though when I bought my new one of getting a G harmonica. So its a little harder to get the feel for since its so low, but I will play around with it and use the things you said to try and figure it out. Thanks man.
no problem. one of the good things about low harp keys however is that is is easiest to execute bends on them, for some reason
http://www.volcano.net/~jackmearl/ - this is the one i used to learn my first few harmonica songs, tabs r easy, number refers to the hole that many from the left (low to high). - is draw and no sign is blow. for the blocking method i usually cover the two holes to the left of the hole i want to use, if u want to bend sucking is easier to bend on the low and blowing is easier on the high... its a practiced technique but u sort of have to make an aaaw shape of your mouth when blowing or drawing and tilt the harp itself downwards to bring air across the reed differently than with a regular blow or draw...

PS neat trick is use the bocking method to cover to holes and u widen ur mouth so u can blow on four, blow on the two holes on either side of the two u covered and u get a wcked harmony sound, enjoy
you say its not easy?

i picked up the harmonica 5 years ago while i was in work release (figured it was the most appropriate time to learn the harp, straight outta jail) and found it extremely easy!

within a week i was tootin out lil classics like "twinkle twinkle" "when the St.s go marchin in" "frare jaques" (sp) and the birthday song... easy songs they may be, but i found them all by just stickin the damn thing in my mouth. from there on i just played what i thought sounded good (improv).. and then a "cellmate" from down the hall saw me playin and took it from me and showed me some real blues harpin.. and he taught me a few tricks. when i got out i put on some bob dylan records and played along with him until i thought i had it down.

mainly id say: just keep the harmonica in your mouth until you can play those easy songs above. then improv around them until youre comfortable. then put on some songs you like with harps in em and play along... then pick up your guitar and fiddle around some basic chords (that correspond with the key of your harp) and toot along.

seriously.. this instrument is easy.
Do you need different harmonicas for different keys? Like, if you're in the key of A, do you need a Harmonica in the key of A, or can you be skilled enough to make a regular C harmonica sound good in any key?
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Do you need different harmonicas for different keys? Like, if you're in the key of A, do you need a Harmonica in the key of A, or can you be skilled enough to make a regular C harmonica sound good in any key?

Yup - for bluesy stuff you generally play what's known as "cross harp" where you predominantly use the drawn notes. The key of a harmonica indicates the key of the blown notes, whilst the draw (cross) key is the 5th above...so to play blues in A you'd ideally have a harmonica in the key of D.
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