So i was tuning my acoustic guitar and noticed that it felt really tight, but didnt igve it any more thought. So the all the sudden i hear a snap, but the sting didn't break just every time i turned the tuner the pitch wouldnt move. Now i dont know what to do i think i might have striped the tuner. Is there somthing i can do or should i just take it a guitar shop?

ive had the guitar for 3 1/2 years and havent had any problems

please help

sorry if this isnt the right section to put it in
well that could just be the string, that happens to me alot on electric where the string will just keep streching out after the inside coil breaks
Yeah, I haven't had this experience on acoustic, but on electric the string has broken and I haven't noticed it, so I just keep turning and it just turns out that the string didn't fully break, its still got like 1 piece holding on...
You could just buy some new tuners for about 30 bucks. Installing them are a cinch. Do some research.