ello again XD. gunna post this song that ive been working on for about a month on and off. again, i have only been playing for about a year and have only been using GP for a couple months, so be gentle :P

its another simple, upbeat and easy to play song. ive tried to label parts of it but structuring songs is still new to me so ive left parts out that im not sure about yet, like where the verses n chorus start/end. it is also unfinished, as im planning on expanding the outro quite a bit, plan is to create a tidy duel solo to fade out to. but ive kinda got stuck lol, ive started it off pretty well i think

also i am aware that bar 67 is blank :P i intend to add some sort of drum thing in there at some point..i still suck at drums and bass tho (hence why it is bass and drumless for the time being)

anyhoo, enjoy. feedback, suggestions, advice, sex. all more than welcome ;] i will crit back anyone who crits mine so feel free to leave a link to your song
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I really liked this song. Solo was well written as well as the harmony. The only thing I had a gripe about is after the solo the song just finished. But, you said the song was unfinished so I can hope you add a bit more. Other then that great job.

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I loved it, very energetic, the two guitars played off each other extremely well. Loved the interlude bit. The first bit of the breakdown felt like something was missing, but the second half was great. The solo also sounded fantastic. Overall, awesome.

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Wow its not everyday you hear two guitars play off each other that well. that was pretty amazing. The harmonys were really good, and flowed with the song really well. the solo was very well incorporated into the song

sorry i cant really think of any advice to give. Very well dong 10/10
thanks guys woo, i thought id get slated for posting my tabs here lol. boy was i wrong, ima take everything you guys say on board , means alot.

the song isnt finished yet, where the solo ends, is where im stuck, i dno where to go from there, finding it difficult to harmonize a solo with 2 other guitars, especially at the bit where im stuck lol. if anyone can think of how i can progress from where it stops, please let me know after the next couple bars that are left, im gunna try the duel solo XD
Another great piece man.

I loved how the leads intricately weaved in and out of one another without sounding too chaotic and noisy. Like the progression, too. Another thing I liked about your song is how it was refreshing and uplifting. It's nice to see some songs on here that are upbeat. I think with some good drums and some funky bass this could be a beasting track.

The solo was well written and as I said when I critted your last piece, I can't believe you've only played for a year.

Good stuff 9/10

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Nice, sorta reminded me of Sum 41 (intro riff). I liked how teh 2 guitars went along with each other. The solo was cool too, all 3 guitars went good together.
It was very nice, but it doesn't seem to 'flow' very well, I can't really explain why... . Adding drums might solve that... . The solo was cool. I also liked the way you mixed the rythm and lead things in the intro.

7.5/10 (with drums probably 8.5)

i loved it. but i didnt like the tremelo picking at the end of the song. i think it was too much of that. well written, and again, a lot of emotion and very refreshing. 8/10
yeh im not too sure about the tremelo picking myself...ive kinda got myself stuck there, dno how to get out of it lol, not sure weither to just take it out and change that part of the solo, wutcha think?
I really like the riffs, but in all honesty they sound too similiar. The riff at bar 19 was pretty well harmonized with the rest of the song, the breakdown bit was also quite well harmonized. I didn't really like how the solo ended, that picking note could have been slid away or sumin.

Although, I think it COULD have been structured better, as the rhythm and lead guitar seem to be alternating between there parts.

I think this would be better with vocals n drums though, maybe a bit of bass.

Pretty well composed though
the solo isnt finished. where it stops is where im stuck, i dont know where to go from there. keep saying that lol :P
Hmm the whole thing is quite odd....in a good way. The harmonies and use of two guitars was great. Sometimes it sounded a little bit random, but nothign too bad. The solo is pretty good, but hard to hear over all the other parts.

Overall, needs some mixing work and the volumes of things need to be fixed because at times everything just kinda sounds jumbled together. Overall, pretty good though.
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A very very good song, You say that you're not good at writing drums and bass. Don't let that stop you from putting them in. I'm the same but that doesn't mean you can't at least try. It just needs a bit of trial and error and you'll get something that you like the sound of.

The music, though, is awesome. No doubt about it.