I am looking to buy a Jackson RR1 Randy Rhoads V guitar.

The body can be Black or White or Yellow!, also can have pinstripes.

MUST have Floyd Rose on it, So I can dive in.out.....

Hardware color: Doesn't matter

If it had EMG 81 active pickups/humbuckers on it, that would be great rather than the Seymors but, I can live with the seymors.

Can I get some prices, I've been looking on multiple sites but not having any luck.

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Still looking for one of these.. anyone know of any for sale??
Thanks, but I'm really looking for the RR1. Plus, I'm really into more 'heavy' looking bodies, 'explorer, kelly, flying v, etc'

Thanks for repling though.

Any others??
Still looking?

I Have a 2004 RR1. EMG's, single Volume no tone knob, White with black pinstripe, OHSC.

Seen the road. Not a show piece, but the fretboard and neck are still Cherry. Body has a few "stories" though.

Hit me back

I still have mine...Still looking?
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