is it ok to play outside in the rain as long as the amp is covered and all the plug and shit
i dunno ur equipment but i for one wud never let water toouch my guitars. ur simply stupid n hope lightning hits u
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ok, main problems will be

water would screw up your guitar in many ways

wood, strings, electronics(input jack, pickups, pickup switch,)
Since water is sticky (Forgot the exact term) It'll stick to your strings and make it sound muted. I think.
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Someones seen too many music videos in the rain...

Meaning, no.

Ya Bastard.
lol, I was one of the first to view that thread.
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Yep! Saw the halftime show and Prince did indeed play in the rain. He used that expensive custom axe to boot!

ever see that vid of slipknot playing in the pouring rain live? thats some rad shit..
I've seen the rolling stones play in the rain, it was some freaking heavy rain too, i got soaked.
I'm pretty sure that the highest grossing touring band in the world as well as someone playing the Super Bowl wouldn't fret over their equipment being ruined..
here's the thing about the rain and prince too. #1, odds are that if you are playing in the rain....you're an idiot. #2 I can guarantee you don't have the $$ to replace ALL your stuff. and #3, PRINCE DOES HAVE THAT MUCH $! If prince wanted to buy 90 of his signature guitar...he could! and I bet he could make them out of baby skin!
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