these are some of the first lyrics i wrote.....so if they suck......correct me......and tell me what can be better about them......okay........that would be awesome.....haha

If It Is the End(the rapture)

I want to see you lying next to me.
You're the prettiest corpse I've ever seen.....
I told you that if you can't even save yourself.....
I couldn't even try.....
Now you must live with the consequences and lie there in your coffin…. Wondering what would have happened if you had only lived on in this day
Yeah!!! Just like I said, you’re the prettiest corpse I’ve seen
And I just wonder what would happen if you knew what I would endure these next 7 years…
As I sleep in the cold
And close my eyes
Just remember, that I have no home now
For as this happens I was living in you
With nothing to back up my thoughts
And everything to back up nightmares
Now just leave and let the door hit you on the way out
I couldn’t do this without you
So just go on
And leave me here on my own, as I drink the soothing waters of this cold hearted river of death
This cave supports a home for my heart and a corpse, a corpse that I loved
And the blood spills over as I drink of this water I could not live without
But as I drink my last sips I sit wondrous at the thought of my life without you
And just as I said, you’re the prettiest corpse I’ve ever seen
I’ve already seen you lying next to me
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