ive learned the major scales and i want to know what do i do with them? i know you can solo with them but how/ what do i do? another thing is where do i go know that im done with my major scales?
i recomend looking at some tabs for solos and get a feel for how some solos are crafted
theres almost a theory to making them you kinda have to figure it out ureself
basically play the nots in the scale but dont play it as a scale change around the order and add bends and hammer ons hammer offs alternate picking techniques that sort of thing
well when your done with scales try arpeggios, as far as how you would use a scale you would arrange the scale so that it forms a melody over a rhythm. it can be something simple like (Key of A) E-----8--10---10b(12)---10b--rb--8---5v--

B= Bend and the para. means where the note is suppose to reach up to.
rb= Release bend
v= vibrato and yeah.
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