So the past few weeks I've been trying to record some stuff. I did it pretty basic. I took my rp300a digitech pedal, which has 2 outputs, and I plugged one output into my amp and the other into my computer's line in jack. It was working great; I got a pretty good quality considering I was using audacity and a line in. Then a friend of mine told me I'd get a better sound if I used RCA cables instead of 1/4th". So I figured, what the hell, why not try it. So I went to radio shack and picked up an RCA cable and an adapter to plug it into my pedal. I came home, swapped the 1/4th" cable I was using with the RCA and the adapter and plugged the RCA into my line in. I turn audacity on and it says I have no signal and then I come to find that NO sound devices are working whatsoever (speakers, line in, headphones, microphone, etc). I proceeded to evaluate the problem:
I checked the volumes on everything, they all are fine. I check the status of my input jacks via my sound driver program (driver name: microsoft uaa function driver for high definition audio realtek 880) and it says all my jacks are operating fine. Then I check the driver itself via device manager and windows tells me the device is not functioning, so I updated the driver and think "w00t I fixed it I'm a computer beast." especially when the device manager told me the driver was operational again.
Then I open itunes and audacity and find that the problem remains the same. So I fear the worst: my sound card is broken.
Anybody know if my deduction is correct? Or have suggestions on a) fixing the problem or b) a new sound card?
Would a new sound card fix the problem?

Thanks to anyone who reads my obnoxiously long post and responds....
i have kinda the same problem ive been using audacity and recently my sound has just been fecked up, i try listen to music and its all breaking up i hope my soundcard isnt ****ed i cant afford another one
Most likely just coincidence, and using RCA cables will make absolutely no difference from 1/4"s since they are both exactly the same signal.
I would not connect your RPs outputs to your guitar amp to your PC line input (which is a stereo input). Those outputs are designed to go to a preamp of your amp or mixer and are not line level signals. You should connect your headphone out of your RP to the PC line IN using a 1/8 stereo cable.

But since you say the PC can't even produce any sound on your speakers, you have a more serious problem. Either you have damaged the card, or you need to completely re-install it. You can also check the line in of your sound card using a MP3 players headphone output (using the same 1/8 stereo cable).