hey everyone i looked up the tab for wonderwall and i cant seem to get the up / down strokes right can anyone post the up strokes and down strokes for this song

This is what i think it is but i cant seem to finish it
D D | D U D U D | D U D U D | D D D U | then im stuck can anyone just look at the tabs and maybe help me out? thanks

yerr the strumming to that songs sucks..
took me a while but i just listened to the song and tried to play along with it.. eventaulli i got the strumming down pat..
just listen to it tons n u will get the rythym and be able to play it..
also make sure ur changing chords when ur supposed to
sry i couldnt give u the strumming pattern
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IM struggeling with getting it rite to...
I play this though..
Em D..DD
A7sus4 UDUD (16th notes or sum.. Basically faster than the others)
THen over again....

If u find sumin betta plz post it here :F
yeah i dunno... ive listened to the song and tried to play it u could be right but that doesn't match up with the tab link i posted... the ending really seems to throw me off