This song isn't really a "serious" song, I was just practicing with build ups and trying out some delay techniques and stuff. The intro takes a while haha but whatever i love a good buildup.
Song 15.zip
I liked it. It had a good build up, which was the point I think you were trying to make. my favorite was the begginning with the piano. It reminded me of a Borknagar song. My only complaint is that it kind of drug on but it may just be the the mood I'm in. Overall 9/10. Crit for Crit? Mine is in my sig.

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Thank you for writing this its quite amazing. alot of people at ug get mad at me when i say people overthink and force epics they try to write because they dont understand where i am coming from but this is one of the few epics that just works. Its not overthought and in never sounds forced and i love a good epic like that

Amazing 10/10
The synths worked really well, and im pretty sure the twin solo is the best solo ive heard on the forums! I have nothing to add, except it could do with some more palm mutes here and there.
It's perfect, 10/10, one of the best songs I've ever heard in UG.
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well that was just great.. very well done! I think I'd only change one thing throughout ... and it's a very minor change but it just sticks out like a sore thumb for me!

Change the bridge riff harmony - don't harmonise up a minor 3rd, try down a minor third instead.... it's a bit darker and fits in much better! Other than that though, this is very very cool work!!

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Dude that was blowing my mind...6000023040/10.
Dude, a band you should check out is defiantly Nightrage and Threat Signal.
They'll prolly inspire you to write more of this!
Haha wow, didn't expect so much positive posts for a practice song. But I'm going to try and make the intro just a bit shorter, but keep it building up.
It took me about 2 days...well a total of around 8 hours. But thanks guys
And I'll be sure to check out those bands Valo
Hey my friend! I'm the guy that asked you by PM for your "metalcore song"! You know that was serious :O my and my band just played it , with the keys and all... What you write is mother****in' amazing!

And I saw that thread with your name on it so I came and one more time that song pwned! You're by far the greatest epic songwriter I ever ****in' saw!....

10.5 out of 10....

PM me I'll show you the lyrics I put on your old song for my band :P