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wow...was he using tap harmonics?
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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um.....i've never seen it.......and it's cool as hell!
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well i've never seen it...

he is amazing...
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I came across then on a show called 'The School of Rock' (yes, I know; retarded). It was/is awesome!
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Wow. That's the first timeI have seen that one. It was amazing. I think I'm gonna sell my guitar now.
The stupid guy doesn't even know how to play the guitar!
Just kidding.
It's amazing, I wish I had his skills.
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Justin King is uber, but I've always thought that Andy McKee is better.

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May sound close-minded, but I think that sounds gay as hell.

omgzzzz nooooo not a happy song ritern in a mayjer key!!1!!

Just playing ladies, you know I love you.
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As long as we're going for acoustic things that are amazing...

I can't be arsed to find the link. Just click "John Butler" on my sig.
What an idiot, that's not how you play a guitar, you don't hold it in your lap and bang it with your hands, what, did he have a mental lapse and thought it was a keyboard? Helooo!

Nice video.
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i like it, i like it
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Wow, all the videos posted are awesome. (Especially Air Tap and Andy Mckee)

Whats that style of playing called? Anywhere I can learn it?

Sure, may be "old", but I haven't seen it and I think it's great.

But I reckon the Andy McKee one posted was the best

Fantastic stuff...
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I once was a big fan of Erik Mongrain. This has rekindled my interest again.

Bah it's all good, you're only 2 years late.

BTW, you didn't mention UG like you said you would. Bastard.
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I'm a big fan of Andy Mckee, i think he is such an awesome player.

I've seen the threadstarters video before aswell, but it's always good to watch it again.
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I like it but what's with all the "he's the most skilled guitarist ever!" stuff?

It's no harder than playing regular guitar, just different.
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Hmm... I've made this thread before, Frenchy's made this thread before and then I yelled at him for it... and like 20 other people have made this thread before.

There is a search button. See it? Right there- top right part of the page! Good... good....

Anyway- it's still awesome and I managed to save the video onto windows media player, but I forget how I did that and now I can watch it offline.... mehh.
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I've never seen it before.

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Awesome. I enjoy Andy McKee as well.

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hey d00d i herd u dont like shred u r a genius 4 thinkin dat. all shred is fukin lame wit no soul u no wat im sayin??
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