Well everyone gets those paper wrist bands at concerts, and i have one on from yesterday.

How long do you leave usually keep em on for like three days till they get anyiong. So how long do You guy keep them on, or if you keep then on at all.
Umm...never had one from a concert, but from other stuff i'll leave it on till the next day morning before showering.
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wow, that almost made sense...but yea, i only leave it on for a day or so before i cut it off, they get annoying
oh i remember in like...grade 6 after fairs we were like have acontest to see who could keepit on the longest.
as long as i can
until my parents say it'll go mouldy..
then it gets ripped off faster than a whippet with an arse full of dynamite
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In Belgium, for summer fests such as GMM (Graspop Metal Meeting) and Pukkelpop, it is a tradition to keep these wrist bands (although made of fabric) until the next year, when you return to the festival and get it replaced with the wrist band of that year.
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I think I went 5 days before the heavy duty paper it was made out of melted in the shower.
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as soon as i am sober, and can control some scissors

Or not, depending on how emo you are
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Or not, depending on how emo you are

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I kept my wristband from the Iron Maiden concert on for 3 weeks and then it disintegrated in the shower. Other than that though i usually take it off the next day.
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a day, haha. actually, i cut my muse one off the moment i got home, it annoyed the **** out of me
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My friend still has his Glasonbury '05 wirstband on.

And my girlfriend still has her V '06 one on. It has a plastic clip thing to keep it together and it ALWAYS scratches me up when we are making out, I hate that thing. Although, that may just be me being bitter about the fact that she got to go to V and I didn't, hehe.

I had my Foo Fighters one from Hyde Park on for a good few weeks until it came off in a good old-fashioned game of deathball.
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