Hi Guys

Just got an Ibanez RG350 off ebay at a very good price. I know there are lots of known problems with the trem on these guitars but i took the risk. OK it came and the bridge was high, so I lowered it and set it all up properly and its fine. I have been playing with it 3-4 hours a day for a week and it is holding perfect tune...

However, it came without a trem arm, which made me very suspicious. I went to the music shop and bought a replacement "push in" trem arm and it won`t go in!!
I`ve tried it with all the bushings on and off and no joy. It won`t even go like half way in! Its really confusing me tho, because there is definately nothing blocking the whole! Anyone any ideas?

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Bushings? dont tell me you went and get the EdgePro trem arm instead? EdgePro trem arm is different from EdgeIII's. For EdgeIII's it doesnt have any bushings, you should get this

not this
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Could be the reason!

I`m confused now which i need, can you find a UK link for me to where i could buy one? Not being lazy, just wanna get the right one!