Hey everyone, I've decided that I'm going to be selling my two Jackson guitars. The reason for my selling these two amazing guitars is that I have recently bought the stratocaster of my dreams and no longer have use for the Jacksons. Given below are the models:

First up is...

Model:Jackson DXMG
Color:Gun Metal Grey
Bridge: Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo
Pickups: EMG-HZ (Stock)
Wood Type: Alder
Fingerboard: Rosewood with Shark Fin Inlyas

the second guitar is pretty much the same thing; with the exception that it is two years older and it is black, not gun metal grey. The hardware on this guitar is a little rusted, but that rust can easily be removed by cleaning the parts with CLR or some other type of rust remover. This guitar also has a small ding under the edge of the bodies contour. This ding can be seen in the third link. Please note that this ding and the rusty hardware in no way shape or form effect the sond of the guitar. In my opinion it sounds better than the Gun Metal Grey DXMG.

If your intrested, please let me know and make me an offer. PLEASE SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY. Thanks,


Black DXMG:





Metallic Gun Metal Grey DXMG:





If you have any questions, comments or want to make an offer please leave a comment or messege me. Thanks again.

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How much?

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I'll trade you a BC Rich deluxe set-neck warlock(bought 2 months ago for $950) for both.
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I WILL one day rule the world, Pm me with the position you want and Ill see if it is open.
I'm looking to get at least $375 plus shipping for the Gun Metal Grey and at least $300 for the Black Jackson. As for trades, I'm really not that intrested in trades, as I plan to use this money to put it towards a car.
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would you take a 30gb video i-Pod 5th gen. for the black one
Ibanez RG320QS(For Sale) 275 shipped w/HSC!
My EVH Strat(for sale or trade) 195 shipped!
Meanstreet EVH guitar
Marshall MG15CDR Prac. Amp(for sale or trade)65 shipped!
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
*Coming* Crate GT1200H/G412SL Half Stack
Sorry man, but I'm really looking to get cash for it to put into a car.
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Just so you all know, I'm willing to negotiate on prices.
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ill give u 100 for the black one and shipping if u really wanna get rid of it. it would help out alot let me know
^^^Sorry dude. I can't let it go for that low. It's worth at least $300 at the very least. Sorry man
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