Hello, My name is Jeff Williams. I have been playing guitar for 30 + years
I played satriani / vai type of electric most of my life but have always held a fondness for the acoustic
Over the last 3 years i have dedicated my time PURELY to the acoustic guitar
You see, its a long story but the readers digest condensed version is ....
I quit ALL MUSIC when my kid was born deaf ,, my wife insisted on me playing and said
"im gonna buy you a guitar" i replied but "im not a guitar player any more " she said

"you'll always be a guitar player"

she is now deceased for many years and the guitar was stolen 3 years ago
so now i only play acoustic ..

and as that turns out ... it was a blessing in disguise ..
I have become involved in the development of a new style of acoustic guitar called
Piano Style aka Lap Tapping or Flat Tapping
click here http://www.youtube.com/NCguitar AND other links in my signature .. ( etc etc ) to see examples.
here is a pic ( not very good sorry .. hehe)

and a pic of me .. hehe

Looking forward to meeting you all
Jeff WIlliams Acoustic Guitar
say hi to me at youtube and
CLICK SUBSCRIBE at youtube .. i'm up against a LOT since i'm not mainstream
I'm trying to make a statement for all acoustic guitarist who want to create ART in MUSIC.
record companies seem to think if a song doesn't fit a formulae it won't be popular with the public .. LETs SHOW EM there WRONG about that .. haha .. ok? thanks jeff
lame question , but how can i get close to learning that?!

Anyway i can buy the pro recording
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