Ok, I hate to complain, but whenever I play standing up my wrist really hurts.

The thing is is that it's my left wrist contrary to popular belief. (I'm right handed).

I'm not that great of a guitarist and play rhythm guitar in my band meaning I play power chords most of the time. I'm thinking I may be playing them wrong.

Suggestions? I play with my index and ring finger and usually use the extra octave.

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The thing is is that it's my left wrist contrary to popular belief. (I'm right handed).

I'm sorry but I have to point this out; you can't say "contrary to popular belief" to that "belief," because its not a belief. Nobody even knows you get pain in your wrists... and it is usually the left hand that gives people trouble, I think.

Anyway, raise your guitar to where it would be while sitting. This should help you a lot.
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your guitar is porbably too low so you have to really bend your wrist to reach the frets which would probably hurt. if its not that i have no clue
raise the neck up a bit i get the same, its just if you play it really low it will bend your wrist in ways it isnt supposed to go. Play with it more on an angle and you'll feel better and it will fix your posture too!!
and try to give your wrist a break for a few days
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use your third finger AND pinky on power chords, itll help

i find it way easier to play power chords with my index and pinky
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i find it way easier to play power chords with my index and pinky

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Like people said... stop playing with your guitar resting on your shoes, it hasn't looked cool since Blink182 were 'in'.

Also, just play standing up alot more, you should either get used to it or overcome it that way.
Your guitar's too low. Raise it a bit until you're comfortable.
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What I meant by "belief" was the fact that everyone thought I was spanking the monkey. And to be honest, the masturbation jokes were pretty funny.

Anyway, I keep my guitar at about hip level and do play at an angle. I'll try using my pinky. I've tried it in the past but I'm too lazy to keep up with it.

I could've been more clear on my first post but it was like, 1 in the morning and I was tired, so yea.

Thanks for the help
uh, take a break before you get carpal tunnel...seriously. This happened to me when i played my acoustic religiously and i took a break for about 3 days and its gone now.
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Adjust where you wear your guitar.

I.e If low, higher it. If high, lower it.
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ok quik question on wednesday i was playin basket ball and when i went to catch the ball with one hand the ball hit my pinky on my left hand and now it hurts when i play guitar
particualry the midle joint of the finger should i seek medical atention or should i just wait a lil longer?
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