I'm a guitarist with three years experience still in High school in the Ventura County area

Looking for musicians interested in practicing/playing/learning (songwriting perhaps if chemistry is good)

I play mainly prog. and hard rock... but would be interested in experimenting within other related genres.

I have three years experience but I maintain no formal education with the instrument
but I have a basic knowledge of scales, sight reading, chords, and some other music theory.

I don't have much experience with bands (good non-hardcore bands are hard to find these days) but I'm a familiar with jam sessions and a fast learner.

Note: ( I carry all my own equipment so I'd expect you to do the same)

Send me a message if you're interested.
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Pm Alex the Red if you're interested

I'm a member I Pignose Amps Club. PM Woodenbanman if your interested.