Today I just won two online auctions:
Squier Master Series Esprit - $370NZ
Vox Valvetronix AD15VT - $270NZ

I think I got a good deal? Especially since a new Squier Esprit is $900NZ
What do you guys think of my start?
could be better could be worse imo, its not a bad beginner setup by any means, probs better then what majority of this forum started with... could of looked into a fender practice amp though.
i agree when people say fenders go well with fender amps, gibsonds with marshalls and gretsch and that with vox but obviously there is exceptions dependin on your sound... but nah i think its a good beginner setup
Thanks (I managed to take advantage of someone moving to Australia and travelling light)
They were both very cheap but since I'm new I still have no idea how the guitar and amp will sound together
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dunno about the guitar, but i got my vox ad30vt from a store for 400, so an extra 130 bucks couldve got you an extra 15 watts of RAW POWER!!!!!!!
apparently 15 watts more dont make alot of difference, for a beginner 15 is fine. the squier is just a high end squier, not great but better then the affinity series most use.
they should sound ok, well just like a starter guitar will, you wont sound like hendrix but you wont sound like shit. i think its a decent set up and i hope you enjoy playing guitar alot and get a better set u over time