Ok so I recently recieved my new Am deluxe ash strat and was really happy with it until I realised the tremelo arm doesnt fit in the bridge.

What I mean is it goes in the hole but doesn't "lock" in. This has really ticked me off.

I'm pretty sure it is the correct arm because they sent the wrong one in the first place (they sent a screw in arm) and corrected their mistake by sending this new one which also doesnt work.

Any ideas why this is? What to do?
No the screw arm definetely doesnt. Its not supposed to either, that was sent by mistake.
the specs say a "pop-in" tremolo arm is supposed to work. The pop-in arm came yesterday and it doesnt 'pop in'. I dont wanna force it too hard just incase I damage it....
Often you do have to push it pretty hard to get them in, but I'd think of something else beforehand just to be sure.
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