hi i have a problem, what is the difference between a mjor 7 chord, a 7 chord, and a dominant 7, or is a 7 chord another name for a dominant...any help would be appreciated
Once you've learned intervals, you'll know!

Try this lesson - Link - and go to section 2.0.
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yeah i know intervals. i've got the chart, but isn't helping out much
i know a major is 1 3 5
and i know a dominant is 1 3 5 b7
but i don't know the 7 chord i.e D7
The dominant 7 chord is often refered to just as a "7"
A major 7 chord generally sounds Happy, it's intervals are 1 3 5 7, sometimes refered to as "Δ" or "Δ7", it is build of a major triad (1 3 5)
A minor 7 chord generally sounds sad, it's intervals are 1 b3 5 b7, sometimes refered to as "C-7", it is built of a minor triad (1 b3 5)
A dominant 7 (used in blues alot) has intevals of 1 3 5 b7, this chord sounds a little dissonant because of the tritone (b5) gap between the 3rd and the b7th.
There are other 7th chords such as half diminished 7ths, diminished 7ths and minor major 7ths, if you want me to go into those just ask

i hope this is of some use