*To The MODDERS! I'M ON Whistler369s COMP!*

To fellow UGers, is the Marshall TSL-100 Head any good for GNR n Stoner Rock stuff?

yea.. its probably the best you can buy for that sort of thing id say.. or one of the jcm 800s or something like that
Cheers bud! Does anyone know what the best cab for it is by any chance?
theres a TSL 2 by 12 for the TSL 100 watt head but for either one id go for a 1960 AV its got vintage celestions so will give you the perfect tone your looking for
Out of the 2 amps I have the JCM800 is way way better for GnR stuff, any 80's Marshall stuff actually. If you really want new, the DSL is probably better than the TSL too.