For Xmas i bought myself a line 6 spider II 30w and after having a couple of band pratices i realised it wasnt what i need. so hopefully im gonna take it to the guitar shop and get a bit of cash for it. so for a new amp i was thinking of getting the fender FM212R. i read some really good reviews on it and ive managed to find it for around 200 pounds. just wanted your general thoughts and opinions on this amp, by the way i mainly play punk rock/pop punk/indie,

I've got it's little brother th FM65R which I use as a practice amp. And for a solid state combo it does very nicely for itself. I wouldn't expect a whole lot of warmth from it on the clean channel, it has a very trebly response (although this will most likely be helped by the twin speakers) but it's very useful if you want a nice bright clean.

The distortion is pretty damn solid, obviously not quite like a tube amp being thrown into overdrive but about as good as you'll get on a non-modelling amp. It also responds very well to any pedals you run through it, in fact, I'd almost reccomend using pedals over the amp distortion.

The cleans are lovely though (although slightly difficult to keep them fully clean, one of my few gripes with the amp) and I've used it's clean channel for recording before and gotten really impressive results.

So I guess you'd expect all of the above with the 212R but with some added warmth and volume.
briliant, thanks for the detailed responce. If i go for it ill probbly use it with a boss DS-1 because my lead guitarist doesnt use his anymore so i can nab that. also i would need to get a tremblo effects pedal, cause we used the tremblo fx on the spider for a acouple of our songs.
You really don't have a very good taste in amps.

Get a decent modelling amp, the Fender is only alright at cleans, nothing else.

£200 could get you a Laney LC15 (valve amp) or an Epi Valve Jr and a small cab, or something else used.
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I'd advise staying away from the FM series - I made exactly the same mistake you are about to, I had a 30W modelling amp, but didn't need all the effects, I just wanted a fairly basic amp. I got the FM212 and was instantly disappointed. The distortion is awful, so I ended up wasting more money on a distortion pedal, which still didn't sound all that good. Eventually I'd had enough, and got myself a shiny valve amp, which I love

Basically, you'll want to replace the FM212 pretty soon after you get it, so you might as well not bother and just save up for something better now.

EDIT: If you do get it, DEFINITELY get a pedal for any distortion you want. And where in the UK are you, I still have an FM212 I want to get rid of
they cut out!!! i have one that does..... BUT i found a way to fix it (its just a pain in the ass) ok you have to un-screw the actual amp from its cabinet(because lack of ventilation....) so fender ****ed up with the venting! or you can install a computer fan in it.......
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