Hey all,

I've had my guitar now for the past 3 years, though to be honest, I have hardly touched it, but these last few weeks I've really been getting into it, and have decided to deck my setup out nicely.

I own an Epiphone SG Special Edition, and my amp is a very crappy "Drive CD 100" training amp that I bought a while ago. It's pretty awful. The guitar is pretty nice, though it seems more suited to jazzy, low sounding songs. I want something more for rock and punk, JerryC and Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the like.

My budget is about 700 euro for both guitar and new amp, though I would definitely be able to go over that if theres anything worth it. Now, from my limited experience I have chosen these two :

A Roland Cube 30X - 222 EUR



I chose the Roland because it seems to be the most recommended amp in any thread on the forums, and the strat because a friend on mine has a classic 70's Strat and its really beautiful to play, but I'm not too sure on this one, I'd prefer something cheaper maybe, so any recommendations ? Thanks a lot.
sounds pretty good but if u want to play punk/rock, maybe a fender fat strat seeing as it has a humbucker pickup?
i would say that the SG is more suited to rock and strat to jazz/blues

although if your after chillis sound, go with the strat.

also, it's not pointless to get a fat strat, it saves you changing guitar between songs, and you can get a combination of a humbucker and single coil with the 2nd pickup-switch position?

Wilkinson EZ lok Tuners - £15
Dunlop 535q Multiwah - £80

Offers/Trades anyone?
if you want the chilli peppers sound then go with a strat but on amps i dont have much experiance sry
fat strat for the style you're after

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For the guitar. Go to store and try some out till you find the sound you want.
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