My band and I are playing a gig at a small venue within the next two months. We have decided we'd like to cover Heartwork by Carcass. However, our vocalist finds it difficult to play the bass part and do vocals, so he has decided not to play bass, just for this one song. Smart decision? If no, any suggestions as to what to do bass-wise? Also, will it really effect our sound that substantially?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I played a G on the 3rd fret e string and ask:

"What note is this?"

"... Three"

either play it with bass and no vocals, or don't bother. it'll just seem too "weak" to do a heavy heavy band like Carcass and have no bass.

on a larger scale, i don't recommend doing cover songs that not everyone in the band can handle. It shows onstage when people don't really know what to do.