Alright something I did today. I didnt tab out a solo because right now Ive just been playing around with some improv, i have nothing solid written down yet.
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Man, this really rocks! I mean, usually I don't bother with GP5 and MIDI, but this really blew me away. Of course, there's nothing VERY ORIGINAL in there but it works so well I listened to it till the end as if it was a song! I mean, this is really cool, you know, nothing new, but cool. Would make an excellent album track but of course ain't gonna be a hit because it ain't original enough, unless you spice it up. But overall, simply awesome
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I really liked this. The intro riff was really good a little unoriginall but ive never herd a metalcore riff thats not. I also like the lead lines when they came in the sounded really good and seemed to fit. And i normally dont like metalcore breakdowns you the breakdown sounded good and seemed to serve a purpose were most metalcore breakdowns dont.

Very well done overall 9/10
Well, the intro was kind of awkward to listen to. It was definently a little more original than it could have been with the somewhat weird timing of the notes but I dont think I like it very much. Bars 9-16 were alright though. It wasnt my style of riff but it got the job done. I REALLY love the riff that plays from bars 17-32. Very nice. I also love the riff that plays from 33-40. Very cool and i especially liked the triplets to finish it off. The chorus was ok, the riff was pretty mediocre. Nothing special about it that really stands out like the chorus should. As for bars 49-56 i didnt like it that much. Kind of cliche and boring just playing octaves, maybe if you strummed the octaves it might sound a bit better? The break was one of my favorite parts of the song, the great drum line really brought it all together.

Overall, it was a nice song. Im not the metal kind of guy but i can say i enjoyed a few parts of it. Overall its a solid 7/10 id say.

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