Ok so i figured if i post here more people are likely to see it, but also are more likely to give stupid answer, but ill risk it

so ive just got into the red hot chilli peppers and want to start writing music with the same feel.

basically what im asking is are there any particular techniques/chords that john uses to give that signiature sound of the chilli's that i should learn

thanks in advance

PS. I know the title was misleading but i couldnt think of anything
He uses a lot of standard bar chords in his solo work. He also picks in a certain pattern while moving the same finger formation up and down the neck. He likes to do lots of hammer-ons using his pinky. I hoped that helped a little...
I don't think there is, you just gotta accept that he is more musically talented than you. And create something own instead of copying others.
try working on being able to keep your strumming hand strumming up and down constantly while being able to move your fretting hand separetly. it's harder than it sounds but it's and invaluable skill in music like rhcp.

use funky chords and blues scales.
He use's his thumb when he does barre chords, he also does this thing were he'll take the bass not out of a barre chord. use alot of funk chords, gaged chords things like that.

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he uses alot of hammer ons/ pull offs when holding down barre chords, most noticably in under the bridge, and in the earlier stuff he used alot of funk style strumming patterns
fools around with pentatonics, barre chords, etc.

just learn some funk, then you can go with it from there. me and my friends jam and play hendrix/rhcp/funky stuff, if you want just PM me and i'll show you some of the stuff we fool around with.
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Learn loads of his songs and find out for yourself.
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I too am interested in learning some more RHCP style things and lately I've been working on finding stranger voicings for simple chords. I don't know much, but he does use his thumb in barre chords and has some neat hammer-on/pull-off stuff with his pinky.
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Use standard chords and barre chords. For soloing, just try to feel the tempo of the song and improvise. Oh and for songs like Scar Tissue, and Can't Stop, mute your strings except for the note that you're actually playing.

But seriously, learn his songs and post in the John Frusciante thread.
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