Okay so I'm selling my Boss GT-8 for some single stompboxes. I don't really use too much effects that's why I'm selling it really..

So I play death/black metal, like Opeth/Arch Enemy/Children of Bodom/Agathodaimon/Emperor for the most part.

So I need a distortion pedal that can create the kind of sounds from the bands above..
I was thinking:

Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff - is this pedal heavy enough for death/black/trash?

I've heard the Boss Metal Master isn't very good but they've released a new pedal called the Boss Metal Core.. does anyone know if that sounds good or not :S?

Maybe a wah - I don't use wah very often at all but I love the wah sound that Arch Enemy use.. I know it's a Vox but does anyone know exactly the one they use?

& Maybe an equilizer? I'm not really sure how this will affect the sound so if anyone can explain so I can decide whether it's worth getting one :P

Ohh yeah and maybe an accoustic simulator for Opeth type interludes, any recomendations for that?

Thanks in advance
ill go check

EDIT: yes. the metal muff can. i played some of my original pieces on it. it did it well. just a note, it gets really beefy in the high distortion range.
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Erm, I seem to have hijacked the thread, sorry...

But is buying a pedal worth it, having pretty basic equipment? I have a Roland Micro-Cube. It's awesome, but of course it's quite small... Will the Metal Muff, or any other pedal for that matter, make a difference? I mean, it's a really good amp sound-wise, no digital at all... but just quite small
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cool guys.
Umm anyone reccomend an equilizer? How is Boss's equilizer pedal?

& Gakusey it'll probably make a difference yeah but why don't you use the money for the metal muff towards a bigger amp? like a cube 30 or something? Cube 30 i'm guessing will sound the same as the microcube if it's the microcube's sound you like..
Erm, well, Micro Cube's fine for me, for the time being, since I just practise at home, no live playing... I'd rather stock up on pedals at this time, and then, when I'll actually need a better bigger amp, my dad's gonna buy me one, he supports my guitar playing hobby, so no problem here.

Yeah, I'm interested in EQ as well, since Micro Cube has none...
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Save up and buy a new amp. Seriously...I dont think many of those bands use distorion pedals. If you want that kind of a sound, dont just buy the quick fix.