I was just wondering if any of you could recommend some good songs for my band to cover. We really want to make an impact and impress, and are doing layla, and were going to do new born, but our drummer has had an operation and may not be able to do the drumming in that song, so we are looking for alternatives.

As Layla is quite old, we were looking for something quite modern, with quite complex guitar parts (not just plain chords/powerchords), possibly a piano, and a song that is really energetic. Also, we don't have any screamers so only 'singing' songs.

Any suggestions?
sorry guys, I forgot to read the forum rules and I think I posted this in the wrong place. Is there anyway I could move this thread?
Oh There's legwork By None More Black. It's mostly power Chords, but it has some leads. It's punk but still tastefull.
Erm, I hate to say this, but something poppy usually works really well and actually impresses the audience, unless you're at some metal-only thing. Common, if your band rocks, everyone will be impressed a lot, whereas if you play some technically advanced shit just for the hell of it, few people will be impressed. You know what I mean?
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We're not really metal, we just want something a bit more 'rocky'.Pop doesn't go down well with the crowd we're playing too-bu we are playing 'buck rogers' by feeder as our more mainstream song. We just need one really imprssive energetic modern rock song to fill the gap. We were in fact going to do sweet child of mine, but had a major problem with the vocals. Thanks for the quick replis- does anyone have any more suggestions?