Good job ill ive gotta say is that dont kill your strings, he doesnt pay that hard if you watch the video he plays fast but he isnt slammin on the strings, so my advice is just to calm down
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It's not TOO bad, but try to be in tune with the song, and the intro isn't just played on the b string, after you hit a b string note, go back and hit the open G string. The power chords are correct, but try to alternate pick them, so they'll sound a bit cleaner. Actually, just look up alternate picking, or ask your guitar teacher (if you have one) about it, and try to alternate pick the song, it makes it sound a lot better, and it looks much more professional. Other than that, good try! I know i never would've had the balls to make a video of myself after only 4 months of playing.
not bad for 4 months but there are a couple things you definately need to work on:

Alternate Picking...you contantly throughout the song down stroked with your pick which is really limiting your speed.
Practice everything oyu know with alternate picking and strumming patterns.

Secondly you need to either turn your amp up, or turn the song down because i could barely hear you at all over the song and wasnt sure if you were playing it correctly. Judging by your timing though I;m pretty sure you were playing it correctly.

Other than than it wasn't bad for a beginner at all. Keep it up

and btw your "ROCK ON!" at the end made me laugh hahahah good job dude

EDIT: damn it everyone posted what ijust said like a minute before me.... grrrr
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you NEED to start alternate picking and strumming. your doing all down strokes and it doesnt flow nicely and it looks like your struggling. and he alternates the open G string along with the notes your playing in the intro, your just playing the downbeats. i can barely hear your guitar but where ever you got the tabs for this there a bit off, he fingers some of the chords a lot differently in the real song. and when you said rock on at the end..... never do that again..... your going to get your ass kicked.

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Ha ha thanks alot guys really appreciate it
I'll definitely learn alternate picking next...
I kinda rushed the vid coz i wanted to get something out there for my mates etc
I'll also make sure to turn the music down a tad... And also pick lighter etc etc
Really good feedback thanks again guys...
One thing tho before I go... One of you liked the "Rock On" and another one didn't...
Where do I stand on that now? LOL
Cheers guys
haha i thot it was funny but dont ever do it again hahaha seriously
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