hey, need some help really bad! basically, I have a Zoom G2 pedal and need to ajust it's sound COMPLETLEY. As is the EQ on it.

Could someone please give me some suggestions on the levels of everything for a heavy metal tone on patch B0:

On Play Mode:

Gain: (0-100)
Tone: (0-100)
Level: (0-100)

On Drive:

Gain: (0-100)
Tone: (0-100)
Level: (0-100)

On EQ:

Bass: (-12 to 12)
Middle: (-12 to 12)
Treble: (-12 to 12)

On Extra EQ/Cabi&Mic:

Lo Mid: (-12 to 12)
Presence: (-12 to 12)
Harmonics: (-12 to 12)


I'm really desperate and, if you need it my amp settings are as follows:

Gain: 9
Bass: 9
Mid: 0
Contour: 9
Volume: N/A