nice. good guitar, good vocals, i give it an A-. just a little shaky at some parts.
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Not bad.. how was this recoreded?

The mix could have been a lil better, her vocal gets a little lost in some parts, but overall, very nice.

Really like "Midnight Slideover".

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Angelus Mortem
The lead guitar has too much gain, lower that. The first part has a nice vocal bit over it! It sounds fragile, yet powerful.. Nice use of vibrato in it by the singer

When the song speeds up, the drummer seems to lose himself into smacking as much things as fast as possible, that's not really my style because it muds up a bit. But it's a good attempt to use dynamics! Try not smacking as much things.

The song slows down again, same thing again. Speeds up again.. Instrumental break. The lead part keeps on going too long imo. Followed up by another nice vocal part. Totally ruined the chemistry by adding another guitar with too much gain

Oh, a nice part is here.. The drum sets up a heavy groove by smashing the cymbals every beat! Buy him a beer for using something that simple and giving it a good use.

Good job! 8/10

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